The Yorkipoo is a cross between a Yorkshire Terrier and a Miniature or Toy Poodle.

The Yorkiepoo is a hybrid dog breed that can come in a variety of colors. Common looks include fawns, blue and tan, black, blue-gray, tri-colors, reds, silver, red and white, black and white and apricot in coloration. Coats are typically soft to the touch with very fine hair. The coat can be very long to moderately long and can be clipped or left natural.

The face of the Yorkiepoo is very refined with a tapered muzzle, bright alert eyes and longer ears that fold over to frame the face. When left natural the muzzle is covered with a longer beard and the eyebrows can be rather pronounced, addition to the expressions this small dog can show. The dogs are very athletic and capable of lots of activity and exercise.  A Yorkipoo walks with its moderately long tail high or curled slightly over the rump.

As with most smaller hybrid dog types, the Yorkiepoo really loves to be around people. They do very well with older children. The Yorkipoo is fun loving and playful, remaining very puppy-ish into its senior years. Some Yorkiepoo can be somewhat independent at times and they may have a tendency to be dominant. Routine training and early socialization will eliminate this from being an issue.

At Deep Run Kennel we love Poodle mixes. We breed Yoripoo’s (Yorkie-Poodle). Our Yorkipoo’s will be black and rust and will reach 6-8 lbs at maturity. See pictures below of full grown puppies that were born at Deep Run Kennel and have been placed in loving homes.

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