The Maltepoo or Maltipoo is the result of cross breeding a Maltese and a Poodle. This cross breed produces a dog that shares the traits of both of its parent breeds. Maltepoos are very intelligent, loyal and eager to please their adopted family. The Maltepoo is well suited for a family it has a flexible temprament – the dog will be happy to both play and romp with the kids and relax all curled up in Mom’s lap. Maltepoos are gentle and loving dogs.

The size of our Maltepoos will generally range between 6 and 8 lbs. Our puppies are non-shedding, and their coat will be mixture of light cream, apricot and white.

The texture of the Maltepoo coat is soft and fluffy, it will have a slight wave to curl. Because our puppies are a cross, the coat can vary in texture and feel depending on which dominant gene the puppy draws.

Our puppies are raised in an environment with children and are given attention from birth until they are adopted by loving families. Our Maltipoo’s come with full vaccinations, dewormed, and a health guarantee. We do not ship our puppies and expect each family to make arrangements to pick them up in person.

Available Litters