From Our Family to Yours

From Our Family to Yours

We are a family owned business with more than 20 years of kennel experience and selective breeding. We guarantee that our dogs are the best of their kind, and will be loyal companions to your family.

Popular Breeds


Like their parent breeds, both of which are amongst the world’s most intelligent dog breeds, Goldendoodles are very intelligent and quite trainable. Goldendoodles can be taught to obey verbal or sign language commands, or both, and remain commonly used as guide dogs for disabled or handicapped persons around the world.


Like most Labrador Retrievers and Poodles, Labradoodles are generally friendly, energetic and good with families and children. Labradoodles also often display an affinity for water and the strong swimming ability present in both their parent breeds.


The schnoodle mixes the intellect of the Poodle with the companionship and devotion of the Schnauzer. Schnoodles are very astute. If treated kindly in puppy hood, schnoodles will make loving companions.


Maltepoos are very intelligent, loyal and eager to please their adopted family. The Maltepoo is well suited for a family it has a flexible temperament – the dog will be happy to both play and romp with the kids and relax all curled up in Mom’s lap. Maltepoos are gentle and loving dogs.