Yorkshire Terriers, Sadie and Roxy

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sadie-roxyHello Dale!!
I am not sure if you remember but my sister and I purchased our dogs from you on Valentines day of last year!  They will be a year on December 20th!  I wanted you to see how they have grown and how cute the girls are!  Roxy (my dog) is quite a bit larger that her sister Sadie.  Roxy is about 5-5.5 lbs depending on the scale and Sadie is 3 Lbs!!  You can tell which one is Sadie in the pictures because she is so much smaller!

They are doing great though!!  They love to play, especially together!  They are great dogs with good temperaments!  We feel very blessed to have them!  Thanks again!

Elizabeth Williams


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  1. Ishan says:

    it’s perfect! i would love a laregr coffee table and one that contrasts the rug (our rug is cream & the coffee table is off-white). that would fit the bill. yay for a place to prop up your feet and read the paper.

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