Minilabradoodle, Hudson

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Just wanted to send a pic of our MiniLabradoodle Hudson! He will be 4 in August! He has been such a blessing and great addition to our family. We recommend a mini to anyone! A great kennel.

Mini-Labradoodle, Rocco

Happy 2nd birthday to all of Rocco’s brothers and sisters. Thank you Lloyd Weiler for the most wonderful dog!

Rocco, Lauren Peltz, MiniLabradoodle

Mini-Labradoodle, Rocco, Lauren Peltz


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Here is a minilabradoodle that is about 1yr old!

Minilabradoodle, Maisey

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Hi Lloyd, just wanted to send you a picture of  Maisey at 5 months.  what a fun, smart and great puppy.  we are really enjoying her.  Dawn


Marta, Miniature Labradoodle

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I thought you might like to have a picture of our miniature labradoodle puppy, Marta. She was born on April 9 and is doing great. She is extremely intelligent, learns commands very quickly and has a big vocabulary of words IMG_0710she understands. She is very active and athletic – loves fetching balls and running, but also relaxing with us, too. She loves new experiences and people, especially if a belly  rub is included! She gets lots of compliments and petting on her walks, and kids love to meet her.  We’re so happy that Marta is a part of our family.  Thank you, Dale!


Joan Shannon

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