Labradoodle Puppy, Cassie!

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A black and white party-colored Labradoodle was just recently adopted into the Vicino family. congratulations on your newest family member Cassie!

Labradoodle Puppy adopted by the Vicino family!Labradoodle Puppies Pennsylvania, puppy kennel Lebanon p.a.,Labradoodles, Labradoodle Puppies for sale, Labradoodle Puppies Lebanon, Labradoodle puppies in P.A.Hi Lloyd! I just want you to know that Cassie is doing great! She warmed up right away and we just love her. Wednesday is her first trip to he vet, and I imagine everything will go fine there too.



Labradoodle, Peaches

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Good Morning Lloyd,       Just wanted to let you know that Peaches is making herself at home and feeling more comfortable everyday! We love having her, she is a wonderful addition to our family. We enjoy our walks together every day. She really walks well on the leash. She has moved into my bedroom with me at night, taking over a little bit, but I don’t mind. We are thinking of making her middle name “Houdini” since she escapes from anything we try to keep her in!! She opens the front door by pushing the lever, she opens the back door by sliding it, she pulls down any gate we put up to keep her in one room. We laugh and are amazed at her intelligence!! She is definitely attached to me know, she follows me around the house and yard and when I do leave the house without her she watches at the window. She had her first vet visit and she is doing well. She willbe spayed in August. She will have her first groomer appointment this Friday with Maggie. They are looking forward to meeting her. I do need to know, what you fed her, how much and how often. We are giving her Maggies food, but she doesn’t seem to want it, she eats it about every other day. We feed Maggie two small meals a day and have tried feeding Peaches twice a day, and she doen’st eat it twice, so we went to once, but then she seems to want Maggie’s food, even though it is the same food. Also, does she eat any treats? She doesn’t want any cookies, or bones (I’ve tried three different kinds). So we want to give her rewards, but can’t find one’s she likes. I am working on teaching her some tricks, she sits, but I am working on giving her paw. I thin she knows what I want, but is stubborn and doens’ twant to do it, a favorite treat might coax her to do it. Well, that’s about it for now. We love her and thank you for her!! I hope you are all doing well.

Labradoodle puppy adopted

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Labradoodle puppy adopted into the home of Ryan and Tricia Clendaniel!

we were happy to have Tricia and her daughter come and pick up their female Labradoodle puppy for deeprun kennel! it is rewarding to see another puppy go into the hands of a great loving family!

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