Dewey, Labradoodle puppy

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Dewey is a F1B Labradoodle adopted by the Rosenblum’s. He now lives in New York.

dewey in snow

dewey in snow

Just a quick note to let you know how happy we are with Dewey, our Labradoodle. Dewey is now a one year old and has proven to be a wonderful companion and pet. His coat is beautiful and soft, he does not shed and we have had no problems with allergies. He is unusually bright and very gentle with children. He has been easy to train and is without a doubt, the smartest dog we have ever owned. He has a great love of water and is very playful. We have been overjoyed with our choice and would recommend one of his siblings from Deep Run Kennel as an excellent choice for anyone looking for a Labradoodle.

Thanks again.

David L Rosenblum

Nicholas, Labradoodle puppy

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Hi Dale,
You may remember that back on December 24th 2007 my wife and I picked up “Nicholas” at your kennel.  It has been a
Nichnolas in yard

Nichnolas in yard

while since I have sent any pictures but I wanted to let you know that Nicholas is doing great!  Here are some pictures. Your kennel is one of the best..  Good for you, us, and Nicholas!  Keep up the good work.


Sadie, Labradoodle puppy

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She is a really great family dog, and we all love her madly (though I often 

Sadie on rug #2

Sadie on rug #2

wonder why I have a dog at this stage of the game…). Anyway, she is 
highly intelligent, very attached to her family, well-behaved most of 
the time, sociable with other dogs, and extremely athletic and agile. 
I sometimes wonder if I shouldn’t do agility training with her. She 
does get a little antsy when friends come into the house- lots of 
barking and jumping, so I guess she’s a gentle guard-dog (has never 
bitten anyone, just the barking and jumping around), but, on the 
bright side, her loud bark should deter anyone looking for trouble.

Yours truly,
Andrea Warriner

Einstein, Labradoodle puppy

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Einstein as a puppy

Hi Dale just checking in to tell you how much we are loving our puppy Einstein DiEva, I have taken some new shots and will get them off to you. He has been a little willfull this week but they say it is his age. We enrolled him in training classes starting next week. I have a question for you on there coats, today was the first I noticed alot of hair on me should they be brushed , to keep the shedding down or should this be happening at all? He is getting curlier all the time. We have a neighbor who is getting a puppy after the 4th of july from you. Michael Weslosky, we recommented your kennels, so they are very excited! Take care and God Bless! Ruth DiEva

Freddie, Pary-colored Labradoodle

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Freddy is adjusting well.  At first, he was very quiet and not eating too much.  We thought, “What a mellow puppy!”.  Then he started settling in and got very feisty and playful.  He’s very curious, always busy, and very appealing.
We have taken him to the vet where all was well, and, yesterday, he attended his first training class. 
We feel very blessed to have found him….
Another commet on April 24, 2010
Hi Dale –

Hope all is well with you and your family.  You had mentioned that you
would be interested in seeing photos of Freddy as he grew up.  I’ve
attached my favorite one.

He is a wonderful dog – mellow, very smart, and easy to take to
different places.  Because of our schedules, he goes to daycare 2 days
a week and he really loves it.  He plays with the other dogs until he
is totally worn out.  Today, they put out small plastic pools and he
loved playing in the water.

Best, Judy Bougades

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