Puppy Care


We have put together a list of necessities and have a small variety of each item on hand for your convenience! For first time pet owners our “puppy pak” include the basic necessitites of your pups first few months in their new home!

CRATE - We recommend wire crates with the divider in the middle so you can block one side off when the puppy is younger and smaller. choosing your crate while you are here will ensure the proper size crate for the breed of dog you are adopting.

 FOOD - We recomend the LIFE’S ABUNDANCE  food for your new puppy. This is the food that we feed to all our dogs as well as the puppys and a sample bag will be give to you when you come to adopt! It gives us a peace of mind knowing that they are getting good nutrition and you get the bonus of an extended health guarantee to two years for continuing to use life’s abundance if you so choose.

stainless-steel-dog-bowls BOWLS - can varie in size and may have to be replaced as your puppy grows! we recomend stainless steel bowls for both the food and water. They are more sanitary and easy clean. We have bowls available for you to choose from!

 PERSONAL/ITEMS - we know that as you adopt your puppy there is feeling of separation anxiety and fear of the new suroundings, this is common and is sometime more evident than others! If you want we now have small blue Blankets or certain toys available to put with your puppy here so when he is adjusting to his new home he has a familiar item to take with him/her.  

TOYS - Soft toys are great because they are comfortable however puppies also need something hard to chew on when they are teething! Nyla-bones, or thick rolled rawhides are wonderful toys!  Another great toy that will keep your puppy busy for hours is a “Kong”, it is a hollow soft chew toy that you can stuff with puppy treats. We have an assortment of toys/treats available!

Dog Treats TREATS - Are good to use when training, however if you are going to give a treat to your puppy make it a healthy one. We use LIFE’S ABUNDANCE, to provide treats that contain crucial nutrients, without adding any chemical preservatives, artificial colors or flavors, nutritionally empty fillers or “leftovers”.

 COLLAR/HARNESS -can be a challenge to find the right size and will probably need to be replace as your puppy grows! Feel free to choose your collar/harness from our variety when you come to adopt your puppy!

We would love to have anyone that has adopted a  puppy keep in contact with us and let us know how your puppy is developing. This feedback helps us to continually improve our adoption process! We are available at any time to answer your questions or concerns throughout the course of your dog’s life.

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