Murphy, Boston Terrier puppy

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Murphy as a puppy

Murphy as a puppy


I can’t thank you enough for my Murphy. He is the most wonderful dog we ever had. We got Murphy on January 3rd when he was just 12 weeks old. He was shy in the begining, but in no time he warmed up to everyone. He was easy to house train. Although it was the middle of witner and he would have rather gone in the house were it was nice and warm, he eventually learned he had to go out to do his busisness. He was always playful too, he has over 20 toys and plays with every single one of them everyday, and he knows the name of all his toys and will get them when you ask. He also does tricks too, he sits, shakes with both paws, lays down, sits up, and were still trying to get him to roll, but I think he still gets confused with it haha. But in all, he is the most playful dog when he wants to be, and the absolute most loveable dog ever. Every day when I come home from work, he comes running at me and jumps up to hug me, literally hug me. its the cutest thing ever. He is gentle with strangers too. I take him once a month to a retirement home I used to work at a couple of years ago to visit the residents and I take him with me everytime. Everyone gets so excited to see him and he allows everyone to pet him and he gives kisses to them too. He loves going to the park, and playing with my sisters dog who is a chocolate lab. Murphy thinks he weighs 105lbs too and tries to keep up with him. They get together one or two times a week to play and he absolutely loves it. I have Murphy on the vitamins you recommended, he has all of his shots, takes his heart worm, gets advantix every month along with a bath, and I put him on the Hills science diet. He is really doing great. He is up to 22lbs and I hope he doesn’t get any bigger. My dad is retired, so Murphy always has someone home with him and very rarely has to go in the cage, and if he does go in the cage its only for an hour. He is very spoiled as you can see. Murphy will be 1yr on September 25, so i’m sure we will be taking more pictures then, and we will be getting a Ha lloween costume for him too, so there will be even more pictures after that. Murphy truly is the best dog we ever had. He is the first boston terrier we ever owned and now i’m sure he wont be the last. I would recommend anyone looking for a dog to buy a boston terrier, and recommend that they buy one from Deep Run Kennel because you certainly know how to breed them. Again, I can’t thank you enough for my little guy, and some day, I hope to bring him back to visit with you so you can see him in person. Thank you again



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  1. Tamara Mazzoni says:

    Murphy sounds a lot like our Boston Greta, that we got from Deep Run Kennel in October 2007. Greta truly is the most fun, lovable, smart & energetic dog that I’ve seen – and I’m not just saying that because she is ours! Keep working with the “roll over” – we eventually taught Greta how to do it and most people are very impressed! We just couldn’t be happier. In July 2009 we welcomed a baby daughter into our home and Greta was instantly in love with her. She is so gentle and loving around the baby and now that she is almost 9 months old the 2 are best friends!

  2. nelly says:

    We have been wanting a dog for a couple of years and well my mom wants a boston terrier and i want to know a little more about murphy.

  3. Becky says:

    I find myself wondering if Deep Run is still home to Trixie and Ezra. My P.A. came from them 4 years ago. On May 16, P.A. had her own five puppies. She is as good a Mommy as she can be!

  4. lloyd says:

    Hello Becky, it is great to hear from you! Both Ezra(boss) and Trixie have been adopted into loving homes! Feel free to post some pictures on Facebook of P.A. if you like, we would enjoy them! Lloyd

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