Kelly, Yorkshire Terrier puppy

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Kelly such a doll! She has a WONDERFUL personality! My family and I cannot get over how inquisitive and expressive

she is. We had her at an outdoor shopping center last evening and multiple people commented on her cuteness – of course – as well as what a great personality she has.

Thanks again!

~Alicia Boaman

Another comment from Alicia 4/28/10

Dear Dale;
One year ago today my mom and I picked up our little Kelly – all 1 pound of her – and brought her home.  I just wanted to update you to let you know that she is doing wonderfully!  She’s such a joy, and her energetic puppy ways are becoming intermingled by twinklings of adult dog behavior. 
I still have Kelly on 1/2 a Nuvet tablet every day (which she LOVES); that is her treat for walking into her crate before I leave for work.  We haven’t had to go to the vet’s in months as Kelly has been the epitome of health, although they always love when I take Kelly by for a visit.  At 4 pounds she is still the smallest dog our vet treats, but health is of no concern.  Kelly is such an intelligent dog; she learns tricks easily in less than 5 minutes!  I remember teaching her to sit last year, the day after I brought her home from your home, and then she kept following me around the house, sitting in hopes of getting a treat!  She has learned many more things since that day, and continues to be curious and eager to exceed our expectations of her.
I attached a picture of Kelly from Easter.  She was freshly groomed and the groomer even glued little earrings on!  Thank you for such a wonderful new family member.  Kelly is like my parents’ first grandchild and gets lots & lots of attention.  I will begin to work toward a graduate degree in August, but in a few years when I graduate and have more time to train another puppy I will most certainly be back for a little brother (or maybe sister) for Kelly to boss around!  I hope you and your family are happy and healthy!
Thanks again,


2 Responses to “Kelly, Yorkshire Terrier puppy”
  1. ashley says:

    Im just curious, is Kelly a purebred yorkie? I noticed she isnt the typical brown faces dark body type and I really like that. She is so cute!

  2. dalew says:

    Yes, she is a purebred yorkie, most of our yorkies do lighten up as they get older.

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