Johnny, Yorkichon Puppy

Hi Dale,
I don’t know if you remember us, but we’re the family that bought one of your Yorkchon puppies this fall.  We named


him Mellow Johnny and I just wanted to send you a quick email and picture of our boy.  He’s been a great addition to our family.  At six months now, he’s really grown up to be a good pup.  He’s fully trained – both on paper pad (with the big snows we’ve had, going outside sometimes has been tough!) and outside trained.  He’s smart and has a very sweet personality.  Everyone who meets him gets a big kiss from him.  He’s very friendly and loves kids.  He’s been great in our house – which is always full of teenaged boys and other friends coming and going.  We also have neighbors with small kids and he’s been great with them too.
He’s had all his shots and at the last vet visit, she said he looks “very healthy”.  Although he loves to be outside and run around, his favorite place is on mom’s lap – whether I’m visiting with friends or watching tv or just reading and drinking my morning coffee, he’s a great companion for me.
My husband grew up on a farm and raised beagles for hunting for many years.  When I started talking about getting a dog, he said to me, “I’ve had dogs.  I don’t need another dog”.  Well, guess who is his best buddy!  He loves that little dog. With Johnny’s sweet personality and sunny disposition, it would be hard not to love him.
Attached is a picture.  We really appreciate what a great pup he is.  We couldn’t be happier with Johnny.
Janet Brower 

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