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Lloyd,   We just wanted to express our sincere appreciation for the new addition to our family.  She is 12 weeks old and is housebroken, sleeps through the night and everyone  she meets gets a full body wag of excitement.  She is learning a variety of commands/tricks at this early age.  She is starting Puppy Kindergarten this Sunday.  The veterinarian was very impressed with demeanor and she was given an excellent report overall.  
 Thanks again, 
 Dennis, Gloria, Nick, Julia Honeyman


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  1. dalew says:

    As an additional comment, our puppy trainer said “Charlie is a once in a lifetime dog, most intelligent Boston Terrier she has ever trained and we are so fortunate to have such a wonderful addition to our family”. Thanks again.

  2. Jane Withstandley says:

    My family and I were lucky enough to meet Gloria and Dennis’s Charlie last weekend and now we are thinking of getting a Boston Terrier for our family. What impressed us most about Charlie was how sweet and gentle she was with our 16 month old daughter.

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