Dewey, Labradoodle puppy

Dewey, Labradoodle puppy Dewey, Labradoodle puppy

Dewey is a F1B Labradoodle adopted by the Rosenblum’s. He now lives in New York. dewey in snow Just a quick note to let you know how happy we are with Dewey, our Labradoodle. Dewey is now a one year old and has proven to be a wonderful companion and pet. His coat is beautiful and soft, he does not shed and we have had no problems with allergies.... [Read more of this review]

Sadie, Labradoodle puppy

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Sadie, Labradoodle puppy Sadie, Labradoodle puppy

She is a really great family dog, and we all love her madly (though I often  Sadie on rug #2 wonder why I have a dog at this stage of the game…). Anyway, she is  highly intelligent, very attached to her family, well-behaved most of  the time, sociable with other dogs, and extremely athletic and agile.  I sometimes wonder if I shouldn’t... [Read more of this review]

Nikko, Schnorkie puppy

Nikko, Schnorkie puppy Nikko, Schnorkie puppy

Nikko in crate Hello Mr. Dale Nikko is doing great! He is about 6 pounds, his colors are silver to his face, black body with tan marking to his paws and chest. His a very sweet puppy & gets along very well with my boys. Presently we are training & his doing well. He sit, stays, down on command. He was the perfect choice for our family &... [Read more of this review]

Murphy, Boston Terrier puppy

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Murphy, Boston Terrier puppy Murphy, Boston Terrier puppy

Murphy as a puppy Dale, I can’t thank you enough for my Murphy. He is the most wonderful dog we ever had. We got Murphy on January 3rd when he was just 12 weeks old. He was shy in the begining, but in no time he warmed up to everyone. He was easy to house train. Although it was the middle of witner and he would have rather gone in the house were... [Read more of this review]

Kelly, Yorkshire Terrier puppy

Kelly, Yorkshire Terrier puppy Kelly, Yorkshire Terrier puppy

Kelly such a doll! She has a WONDERFUL personality! My family and I cannot get over how inquisitive and expressive she is. We had her at an outdoor shopping center last evening and multiple people commented on her cuteness – of course – as well as what a great personality she has. Thanks again! ~Alicia Boaman Another comment from Alicia... [Read more of this review]

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